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South Africa vs Nigeria: Root causes of Xenophobia Attacks on Nigerians, How to Solve the problem, Say No to Xenophobics

South Africa vs Nigeria: Root causes of Xenophobia Attacks on Nigerians, How to Solve the problem, Say No to Xenophobics


Nigeria, the giant of Africa has been there for the emancipation of suppressed and oppressed black people all over the world, especially in Africa.

Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa all tasted the brotherly love of Nigeria in their times of need

Self induced and self inflicted ones like in Liberia, Sierra Leone and most recently, Gambia also brought out the love and unconditional sacrifice of the giant of the continent.

But is it brotherly enough to extricate a people from the claws of a tiger and set deadly spiders in their under wears ?

South African streets are littered with ashes of Nigerian owned businesses, dripping with the blood of Nigerians and strewn with the bones and flesh of my countrymen

Is this the price to pay for the love and sacrifice we gave to break the shackles of apartheid.

Is this the reward for making blunt the claws of the tiger to free our brothers from the jackboot of the oppressors

Or are we paying the price for replacing the marauding tigers with deadly spiders in the underwear of our saved comrades?

From Johannesburg to Capetown, from Durban to Nelson Mandela Bay, Soweto to Benoni, to Tembisa, to East London, to Pietsmariztburg , they accuse Africans, mostly Nigerians of exporting crime into their county

Go to Hillsboro and you will be regaled with stories of Nigerians throwing themselves to death from the abandoned high rise buildings during fights by drug cartels and 419ners

Can we in truth claim ignorance and innocence from the accusations of introducing drugs trafficking and abuse into their system

Can we vitiate the claim of being responsible for credit card scams all over the place?

My friend, Thokozile Rankoe had her account cleaned out by credit card scammers and when the culprits were apprehended, they were all Nigerians

Can we wash our hands clean of the tar of being the brains behind internet frauds in their land?

Can we come clean from the blemish of being the commanders in chief of 419 schemes in their hood?

A certain Nnabuife, a former House of assembly member in one of the states in Nigeria was murdered by fellow Nigerians at the Road lodge Ranburg for trying to outdo his partners in a 419 deal in 2006……..i was a guest at the lodge on that day.

He had travelled all the way from here to commit crime in yonder lands

We are equally accused and of course guilty with pride of taking their jobs and their women because their men are mostly lazy and uncircumcised……. and their women like it frenzied… Are we not blessed?

Therein lies the balance, there are good Nigerians, good enough to have decent jobs and also get their ladies drooling, but one bad apple spoils the whole bunch

The time is here for Nigeria to rejig her diplomatic engagement with South Africa

The time is here to Reassess our foreign policies with the outside world

The time is also here to clamp down on crime infested heads who give us bad names all over the world

The time is here to look South Africa in the face and put a stop to these xenophobic madness in that clime.

It’s time to adopt the Trump do me I do you open to options by our government

The time is finally here when brotherliness and love should not become a burden forever.


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Updated: September 3, 2019 — 9:29 am

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