emPawa Africa: About, Mission, Vision, Wiki, Profile | What is emPawa? – Mr Eazi

emPawa Africa: About, Mission, Vision, Wiki, Profile | What is emPawa? – Mr Eazi

emPawa is working in partnership with Mr Eazi, one of Africa’s fastest rising stars, to provide undiscovered, independent African musical talent with the unique opportunity to make it BIG!

Having experienced the journey of an African dreaming to make it BIG in the music industry, the Afropop star behind the recently released ‘Life Is Eazi – Vol.2: Lagos to London’ is the perfect, passionate partner to lead the next wave of African musical talent to international stardom.

“All it took for me to start my career was a $1000 music video. Since then, my career has allowed me to tour the world, own a business and employ over 100 people. The real motivation behind emPawa is providing a similar opportunity for emerging artists and mentoring them to become entrepreneurs like myself.”

How emPawa is turning dreams into a reality

  1. The idea is simple, encourage aspiring African artists to showcase their talents by uploading a 30-second music video to their Instagram page with the caption #emPawa100 and tagging @empawafrica before the 15th December. From here, Mr Eazi, supported by other industry experts, will select their top 100 entries to go on and receive $3000 each, to produce a music video.
  2. Once the 100 artists have been selected, Mr Eazi will pick his final 10, who will get the opportunity to fly to South Africa for a 3-week masterclass with Mr Eazi, popstar Raye and renowned producer Diplo. During their time in South Africa, the Final 10 artists will also be given the chance to record a song in a state-of-the-art studio, as well as, shoot a professional music video.
  3. Of the final 10, Mr Eazi will select one-two artists, who will go on to gain the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of performing alongside Mr Eazi, as well as other musical stars, at ‘Ghana Party in the Park’, London, 2019
emPawa Africa: About, Mission, Vision, Wiki, Profile | What is emPawa? - Mr Eazi

emPawa Africa: About, Mission, Vision, Wiki, Profile | What is emPawa? – Mr Eazi

emPawa’s Mission

Mr Eazi and emPawa, with the support of betPawa, have a mission to support African artists by equipping them with the right collaboration, industry knowledge and investment. This will enable artists to not only achieve their full potential and make it BIG, but also give them the independence to become music entrepreneurs.

This emPawa initiative is a fast track to exposure and is a rare and exciting prospect for any African artist dreaming of making it BIG!

Want to enter? Upload your 30-second video to Instagram using #emPawa100 in your caption and tagging @empawafrica before the 15th December.

What is emPawa?

Talented artists across Africa have been given the opportunity to make it BIG in the music game! All they need to do is audition with a 30-second video on Instagram using #emPawa100 and @empawaafrica. From these entries, 100 lucky artists will be chosen to get the chance to record their very own $3000 music video.

The emPawa process doesn’t end there, as from these 100, 10 will be flown to South Africa to gain exclusive access to modern recording studios and receive intimate tutorage from Mr Eazi and other star names, helping to shed light on the music industry and just what it takes to make it BIG… and stay on top! Eventually, of the 10, two final artists will be invited to perform with Mr Eazi and others at Ghana Party in the Park, London 2019.

emPawa Profiles(Official)

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Website: www.empawaafrica.com

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