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the socio-economic, political, cultural, religious and educational tasks for president mohammadu buhari’s second term with his 9th assembly

THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, CULTURAL, RELIGIOUS AND EDUCATIONAL TASKS FOR PRESIDENT MOHAMMADU BUHARI’S SECOND TERM WITH HIS 9TH ASSEMBLY   TERM PAPER ON GST 111 (COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, AFAHA NSIT – DEGREE) Abstract Corruption in Nigeria has deeply entrenched/ingrained in the national ethics, politics, civil society, public and private sectors and has been deeply permeated by a […]

human trafficking in sport

HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN SPORT Abstract The increase in human trafficking around major sporting events is nothing new. The Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup and Formula One racing are all examples of events which increase demand for sexual, manual labor and other services. Russia, the 2018 World Cup host country, has been in the spotlight […]