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BBN Finale Voting Poll Week 14 Official: Result, Vote Count, Percentage – Big Brother Naija Final Week Voting Poll for 29 September – 6 October 29/9/2019 | 6/10/2019 today – 99th day, Pepper Dem Gang, Season 4 BBNaija

BBN Finale Voting Poll Week 14

Official: Result, Vote Count, Percentage – Big Brother Naija Final Week Voting Polls for 6 October 6/10/2019 today – 99th day, Pepper Dem Gang, Season 4 BBNaija

On this page, you will learn in details everything you need to know about this week 14th(fourteenth) Voting Poll, List of Housemates Up for Possible Eviction this week, How to Vote for Your Favorite Bbnaija 2019 Housemate, Online Voting Results for September – 6 October | 6/10/2019 – BBN Nomination Week 14 2019 read on…


Welcome to the final week’s voting poll where you must put your money/efforts exactly where your mouth is.

It’s no longer news that the housemate with e highest number of votes this week wins the grand price of 60 million Naira.

So who is your favourite housemate?

Is your favourite housemate still in the house?

Support them now more than ever, let them win this season 4 BBNaij Show.

Final Voting poll Highlights/Update

Banging Performances

What better way to begin the Finale than with a dance battle? Yass! Did you feel the hot dance moves from Dance Machine, Imagneto and Zinny X?  Thought it was over? The show was just getting started as Patoranking taught us how to whine suh different. That was not all as he also performed Love you die.

Returning for the second time on stage, Patoranking took it up a notch as he entertained us with Alubarika and Confirm. Patoranking, thank you for the thrilling performances. We have no choice than to love you.

The stage was further set ablaze by Tiwa Savage. With her performance of 49 -99, Lova LovaMalo and All Over. Mama Jam Jam didn’t come here to play and we sure enjoyed every bit of it.

Spitting fire on stage was Mr Incredible ‘MI’ Abaga. With his rendition of UndisputedAnoti and Bad Belle. This lyricist showed us why he is the undisputed champion.

To be honest, the performances from the artistes were fit for the finale.

List Of 5 BBN Housemates For The Final S4

  1. Mike
  2. Omashola
  3. Mercy
  4. Seyi
  5. Frodd

Big Brother Final Top 5 Housemates

The ride was tough and today we see even the least expected Housemates among the list of housemates who have survived the whole time and finally have made it to the final week.

Our list of strongest BBN 2019 housemates

  1. Mercy: She is probably the strongest and most likely to win.
  2. Mike: from his previous voting counts, We think he is the second on this list.
  3. Seyi: the Awolowo’s and his teaming fans will surely come through for him.
  4. Omashola: His Street terms and slangs strategy worked for him, He is definitely the 4th on this list tho He could have also been listed as the 3rd.
  5. Frodd: Undoubtably, Frodd’s fans based isn’t that strong, so he is 5th on this list.
  6. Diane: The lucky girl, she made it to the finals graciously as she only tasted the eviction only 1 time all through her stay in the BBN house and luckily she escaped into the finals.

BBN Week 14 Voting Poll: Official BBNaija Voting Poll for this week | 6 October 29/9/2019 | 6/10/2019 Big Brother Nigeria


How to Vote for Big Brother Naija 2019 Housemates.


Big Brother Naija Week 14 Voting Results – Results will be announced during Sunday live nomination show and we will publish the details immediately on this page =>> BBN Voting Poll Result.



The list is up and the game is now in your court, who are you voting for in this weeks 14 voting poll? Is it going to be?

Click here to vote for your Favourite Housemate.


You can vote as many times as you want, all you just have to do is refresh the page or close and reopen it.


[poll id=”2″]

The final bbnaija housemates up for eviction this week are Mike, Mercy, Diane, Seyi, Omashola, Frodd.

Vote for your favourite housemates below.

Click here to vote for your Favourite Housemate.

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Updated: October 6, 2019 — 8:55 pm


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  1. all Tacha fans lets gang up against Mercy. She caused the disqualification of our girl. Lets all vote for Mike who has a realistic chance of beating Mercy.

    1. Does it matter? Mercy is love genuinely n she will win but even if mike win is better off than una madam… Support gud attitude, mercy n mike re real….dey re even seeing themselves as siblings… Dey will be happy for eachoda…mso get ur fuck away…..why all this hatred for game? How did she get her disqualified… She let her anger get much over her…I pray she learn

      1. Thsnk you joor. Besides Mercy said she likes Tacha as a person

    2. Mmmmmm but Mike also brought out the ofour issue loll

    3. As ex titan..I n my generation ll vote massively for Mercy becos Tacha said she want a lady to win this time,so stop hating n be truthful to yourself for once n join the moving train……💯%Mercified

    4. Dont waste ur time and money because the amount of money team Mercy is using to vote Mercy is more than the 60m price

    5. You are intelligent to identify this…most people are using sentiment to vote for Frodd instead…mercy will win easily

  2. vote mike for the mula

  3. no to Mercy. vote mike mike mike

  4. Zimbabwe lets rally behind Mike. No single vote for Mercy who caused Tacha’s disqualification

    1. Zimbabwe not get money

  5. no to Frood. vote mike mike mike mike mike mike mike

  6. Tacha army rally behind Mike to beat Mercy. You know what she did.

    1. I will never vote for Mike or any of the housemate, I watched how Mike degraded Tacha several times, Omashola, Frodd and Seyi where they congratulated Messy for insulting Tacha. I won’t use my penny for any of them, let the best man or woman wins

      1. Enough of this mike,here Nigeria Need
        And many more.which we found In Seyi/Frodd not someone who doesn’t known 36states and capital in Nigeria🤔😎

      2. Mercy my mercy dem mercy for life.

  7. Tacha army we should not be distracted by Frood, Omashola, Dianne or Seyi. Lets vote Mike to dislodge Mercy. Mike is the only answer to frustrate Mercy. Vote Mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Forget Frood or Dianne. They are Mercy’s accomplices. Vote Mike for the answer

  9. The TITANS lets vote Mike to dislodge Mercy

  10. mike mike

  11. only mike to defeat mercy

  12. TITANS please vote Mike for the sake of Tacha

  13. mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. its mike

  15. miking mike

  16. Is all about Marcy Marcy all d way unstoppable queen of lagos win win win carry go .

  17. mike the only one

  18. Good natured, disciplined and orderly MIKE

  19. Mike is the only guy who was sympathetic to Tacha after her disqualification. All other housemates celebrated and spoke ill of her. Therefore all Titans the Tacha army lets vote for Mike

  20. Omashola for the money God’s grace all around him bcox e is d real man in dat house.team Omashola

    1. Omashola for the money please i need more vote

  21. Omashola is the real man and his loyal and honest

  22. Mercy
    Queen of highlight
    Humble gal
    U will win as far as God is with u not even a millions enemies that hate u for nothing will succeed …Amen and Amen

  23. Omashola where men fails he will stand, I vote Omashola for d money

  24. Mercy for the money

  25. seyi is the real man

  26. Let vote seyi

  27. seyi is my best

  28. seyi for money

  29. seyi is the password this week

  30. seyi is my joy

  31. team elo let join hand together with team seyi please

  32. filling like even voting 100 time a day for seyi

  33. seyi is real i like the way he play his game

  34. is it possible to vote for seyi like 100 time a day

  35. How can we have a winner who bought immunity? Mercy is out. Omashola has a queer character. He is out. Vote for Mike the gentleman, together with Seyi they are the only people with convincing personalities.

  36. Mike for the money

    1. True talk

  37. mike the gentleman. This is the sort of guy people should envy

  38. seyi all the way

  39. mike mike only mike

  40. Vote for real people. Vote Mike

  41. this vote is for seyi seyi seyi Uganda is behind u

  42. 100% vote for seyi

  43. seyi the man

  44. Uti said Mike is the face of new Nigeria. Vote Mike 100%

  45. Zimbabwe is behind Mike

    1. Zimbabwe no get money joor

  46. seyi if God has plan this money for u it will still be your

  47. Reputable former Big Brother winner Uti is behind Mike as the face of new Nigeria. Vote Mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Uti is homosexual

  48. dont follow Uti but u can follw your heart like me i like seyi seyi seyi

  49. am from Uganda voting seyi seyi

  50. If you want Mercy to win you should waste time by voting for Seyi, Omashola and Frood. For real challenge to Mercy vote Mike. All Tacha fans lets vote for Mike for the real challenge to Mercy.

  51. Both Mike and Seyi have good personalities but mike offers more winning chances than seyi. Lets not gamble here but lets vote for Mike if we want winning.

  52. Mike is stronger than Seyi. Remember how they performed in their last eviction poll. Lets be strategic if we want someone to beat Mercy. If we simply vote for someone from the heart who doesnt win anything what will we have done? Mike is the answer

  53. Lets not count characters like Omashola and Frood. Surely are they worth winning? Some people like Mercy for no apparent reason. Is her character worth winning? I wonder!

  54. Vote for a good character. I can stand up to defend Mike because of what I saw about him. Mercy was just lucky. She could have been sent packing just like Tacha for that brawl. Vote Mike for a worthy representative

  55. Many haters of Queen Lambo obituary shall be announced on the 99th day when Mercy is crowned…..oh! Voting massively for Mercy

  56. Crowning a character like Mercy with her behaviour seen by the whole world is catastrophic. Vote for a worthy ambassador like Mike.

  57. Vote for Mike. A welcome model of a character

  58. seyi seyi seyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all the way

  59. i dont see any thing in mike at all am for seyi seyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii till 99 days will tell

  60. seyi seyi is my joy

  61. vote seyi seyi only seyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  62. still voting till 99 days

  63. team seyi seyi seyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  64. Team Frodd lets do this for our guy…… The Frodster…The slow Tiger…..with God everything is possible.

  65. Frodd for the money

  66. Let’s vote for mercy. A woman must win this time…

  67. Its not about a woman winning this time. Its about a deserving personality. For that vote Mike

  68. Why should we have an undeserving woman winning? Vote Mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  69. Vote mercy.

  70. Vote for Frood

  71. Seyi is the best of the remaining housemates. He is proudly Nigeria, cant say the same for Mike. He cant speak any Nigeria language. He doesn’t deserve it.

    1. Thank you darling

  72. Mercy deserve our vote, please vote for Mercy love…❤️💚💛🧡

  73. A Nigerian is a Nigerian. Mike is a Nigerian. Saying he cant speak a single Nigerian language is a lame attack generated by hatred for an upright character. There are Nigerian citizens all over the world who also deserve recognition. Its not only about Nigerians who reside in Nigeria.

  74. My Mercy Lambo…God ,all I’m asking on behalf Mercy is grace …..let Mercy of God speak for mercy .My Lamborghini

  75. VOTE Mercy for the money

  76. Mercy all the way
    Last woman standing
    60 million is hers

  77. Mercy is the Winner

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